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Date: 26.02.2012
From: Mike

Subject: Warm joints

Ok so I haven't really suffered with this as yet and when I read about it I assumed that joints are warm to touch .well recently my joints have felt really warm but not to touch if you know what I mean.such as earlier I was sat down with a cup of tea and it really felt like I had spilt it on my groin as it was really warm but I hadn't. I've had this feeling in a lot of my joints now but they never feel warm to touch.
Does anyone else experience this?
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Date: 26.02.2012
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: Warm joints

Sometimes they are hot, but a lot of the time they feel realy hot to me but not to the touch if you know what I mean, and a lot of the time I feel like different parts of the body are on fire. It does affect your ligaments and tendons, specialy where the tendons attach to the bone can be realy hot and painful. t.c.
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