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Date: 25.02.2012
From: rachel

Subject: arthritis in hip but new pains appearing elsewhere!

hi, i have been diagnoised with arthrits in my right hip and am waiting on a hip replacement surgery following athroscopy surgery for FAI last year, i am now have permanent pains in my left side and shoulder and am now starting with headaches, in anyones experiences is it likely they are related to the arthritis? i am 34 years old
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Date: 22.03.2012
From: Deborah

Subject: Re: arthritis in hip but new pains appearing elsewhere!

Hello Rachel,
I am sorry to hear that you also suffer from permanent pains in your left side and shoulder,I have had pas for 12 years and I too suffer from dreadful headaches when they start they can last all day and even when you go to bed it is still there and it seems to get worse when you lie down my Doctor says that arthritis will affect any where were 2 bones meet and in my experience it could be the arthritis that is causing them as it causes mine.
xx Deborah.
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