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Date: 23.02.2012
From: Nathan

Subject: UK Anti TNF therapy availability?

Hi there! I'm an AS sufferer since 2005, diagnosed in 2008 and have been on sulphasalazine and celebrex for treatment. I've been pushing to be put on an anti TNF as I've had no benefit from the sulphasalazine and already have liver issues (hence me not wanting to go on methotrexate). Due to the cost of anti TNF, my local PCT is very reluctant to give me this treatment (or even test me for suitability). Due to my experiences with Crohns disease I'm aware that certain hospitals offer a greater level of care and availability of treatments than others, are there any hospitals that are particularly good for AS treatment (in the same way that St Marks in London is a centre of excellence for Crohns treatment)?


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Date: 24.02.2012
From: louloubelle

Subject: Re: UK Anti TNF therapy availability?

Hi Nathan

As I'm sure you are aware, if you are unhappy with the level of expertise at your current rheumatologist department you have the right to choose where to receive treatment. It's a legal right! I have attached the link to the NHS website on this matter, just copy the following and paste it into your web browser....

I am so lucky that my rheumy is one of the leaders in his field, he's seriously up-to-date on his stuff and often attends rheumy seminars and often discusses my case with other rheumy's as I have some complications with which medicines are considered safe due to having had chemo for breast cancer last year.

It is so important to feel happy to put your faith in the medical professionals. I feel blessed that I have a brilliant rheumy who I have been seeing since I was 9 years old (I'm now 32). My only concern is that it won't be long until he retires - although I have told him in no uncertain terms that this is not an option for him in any way, shape or form lol :-D

He is based in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire and his team of nurses are second to none.

Good luck
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