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Date: 21.02.2012
From: janine

Subject: Appeal to RA sufferers

Hello all I'm Janine and I've recently joined the forum. I received this message via my facebook account and as I cant help them out in the trial, due to das not being stable, being on steriods and mthx I thought I would put the details and link on here for all off you to see, maybe it will help one off you and there is a pay out in it too so bonus!

Dear Janine,

Hope this finds you well. Ferdinand here, I was in touch back in September last year with regards to a clinical trial Richmond Pharmacology are currently conducting for patients with RA. We have now moved into the clinical trial phase of this study and I am writing to enquire about your interest in taking part.

To qualify for participation in this study you need to:

Be aged between 18 and 77 years (inclusive) at screening
Have a documented diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis (with a confirmed medical history available from your GP).
Stable disease for at least 1 month prior to Screening and have not used any steroids to treat your disease during this time.
Have at least 6 swollen and 6 tender joints.
Have a body mass index (BMI) between =18.0 and =35.0 kg/m2 (inclusive). Your BMI is calculated using the formula: weight (in kilograms) divided by height (in metres) squared).

We are currently screening and have available appointments this week and next as well as during the month of Feb.

Further details on the trial can be found here:

Also if you have a friend or if there is someone you know of who suffers from RA and who would be interested in taking part in this trial, we are paying up to 250 per person successfully referred to us and enrolled in the study.

If you are interested in taking part please let me know and I will arrange for a member of our Volunteer Recruitment team to complete your registration.


Here is the link to there website also.

Ive no experience myself with this company but everything looks above board, will let you make your own mind up.

Take care

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