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Date: 20.02.2012
From: Simmie

Subject: Product Design For Arthritis

Hello, my name is Sim. I am a product design student currently conducting a research for my final year project. My task is to design adaptive or assistive products for people that suffer from Arthritis in order to ease their daily life. In order to achieve an accurate design outcome that can really help people with Arthritis, I hope that you can share your experiences & thoughts with me and together we can come out with a better solution to solve daily difficulties / barriers faced by people with Arthritis. I sincerely appreciate the time & effort that you have contributed into this research.

The research will be in a discussion format and I hope to understand more on the problems you have encountered daily with Arthritis, you may not need to follow strictly to the question stated, please feel free to express as the questions serves a guide, and hopefully each of you can get inspired of a solution to the problem that youâre facing by others sharing. If you wish to talk to me personally, please do not hesitate to email me:

Context: Problem faced by people with Arthritis

What are the problems that you faced daily?
Living/Social/Environment/Public Transportation/Others.

1.Ever since you have been diagnosed with Arthritis, you have made certain adjustment to your home in order to have easier access to things and activities. Eg. Installing or using assistive devices for daily task.

2.Does the same apply to your work place?

3.Did you consult help and guidance from Occupational Therapist (OT)?

4.You may have used assistive devices to cope with your daily routines, when you first bought these devices, how did you learn to use these devices?

It was easy to understand and navigate the products on my own without any teaching needed.
Trial & Error
Learn from Internet
Learn from instruction written
Guidance from Professionals (Doctors, Occupational Therapist etc.)
Others: Please specify

5.How helpful are the assistive products/devices? Are you satisfied with them? Please share with me any problems that you have faced with the products that you are using.

6.What happens if you go for an outing, travelling, shopping in public facilities / accessing public toilet/public transportation etc.? What are the difficulties or no difficulties that you faced in such environments? Does the public facilities deem accessible for your condition? Could you give me some of the examples?

7.When dining out in a restaurant, do you bring your own sets of eating utensils? When using public toilet, access to tissue paper, opening & closing the water tab etc.

8.Is handling the mobile phone an easy task for you? Preferably Touch Screen or Button Base phone?

9.Is handling the hair dryer hard for you? Is there any alternative methods you have used to solve this problem other than using a hair dryer stand?

10.What are the desired activities or things that you would like to achieve?

11.Problems faced in different weather/climate/society pressure/ etc.
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