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Date: 18.02.2012
From: sharrron

Subject: snapping jaw and never no inflamation on blood test

havent been on for a while not been too good got taken off some of my meds in october but since then the pain in my back neck and knees elbos is worse but my blood test as the doctor always points out says that there is no inflamation. well the pain got so bad in my back i went back to the doctor who decided that the pain was not my ra and has finally decided to send me for an mri which i will be going to tomorrow im so pissed its taken over a year for them to decide its not my ra, just like it took 3yrs for them to finally decide i had it in the frist place only after xrays showed corrosion in my toe joints, i just dont understand how i can have so much joint pain and no inflamation ever shows up on my test, now on top of that my jaw snaps shut when im just drifting off to sleep or when i am asleep which wouldnt be so bad if i didnt suck my thumb[yes im very old and still suck my thumb] its been going on for about two months im actually worrid that one day i will wake up and i will have biten it off. got about ten plasters on my thumb tonight for protection its so swollen and cut im actually think im gonna have to go to the doctors to see what is causing it. sorry for going on but had rather a crappy year and its only feb. my store manager i schedualing me one shift a week if im lucky and if i happen to be ill on that shift she wont schedual me for usually three or four weeks she was understanding at first told her the doc said they would try and get me in remmision in a year as soon as the year was up that was it at one point she said she was sick of me not being able to work, i really wanted to turn round and tell her she should try and be me im not exactly happy my self any way must go kids have got chest infection and because of this i couldnt make the second shift shed scheduald me in the last three weeks .well turns out no more work for me for the next two weeks from what the other manager said when iasked if i was working on mon.on the bright side i havent really had to go out in the cold weather hopefully she will remember this in the summer ill get a great sun tan hahha. have to laugh cos dont know what else to do
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