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Date: 18.02.2012
From: Nikki

Subject: Not Sure What to Do...................

I was told 10 yrs ago I have fibromyalgia and now that I most likely have RA also. I have not been to a specialist yet due to no money and no insurance. Dr put me on predisone which made me gain weight. I am now being weined off of it. My knees hurt sooo badly I can hardly walk most days and I have tried everything like aspercream and ben gay to help but not helping much. I stay on the verge of tears most of the time. Any ideas to help until I can get to a docotr?
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Date: 18.02.2012
From: Tom H

Subject: Re: Not Sure What to Do...................

I'm on pred. THe best advice I can give is to take as much ibuprofen as you can, that is what helps me. Good luck, hope it gets better.
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