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Date: 17.10.2008
From: lynh

Subject: depression

i've had psoariatic arthritis for about 13 years and although i've had varying degrees of pain etc, i've kept working and doing most things.

Now when my dosage of Arava was increased, I've developed an allergic reaction to it.

Itching +++ and rash and several other side effects, none of which are pleasant.

Result very depressed. I've got supportive family and friends, but feel that i can't keep laying this all on them.

Sorry if you think i'm whinging but just needed to say this to people who i feel will understand.

Life seems rubbish just now and i really don't care if tomorrow never happens.

suppose i shouldn't post this but hopefully i will find other people out who have felt like this and have muddled their way through.

sorry if i'm boring or sound self pitying, don't mean to
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Date: 18.10.2008
From: kay

Subject: Re: depression

i've had RA for 3yrs & know exactly what you mean.I also have had side effects with the different drugs that i was on,it starts to get to you when something goes wrong with medication.I don't think that you're whinging at all it's good to get things off your chest otherwise it just builds up which is no good for your health.Feel free to talk anytime you think it's getting to much,we're all in the same boat on here.
Take care Kay
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Date: 20.10.2008
From: Lyn Hughes

Subject: Re: depression

thanks kay, it feels good that someone understands. take care of yourself.

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Date: 20.10.2008
From: rick crowe

Subject: Re: depression

I've had psioratic arthritis for 12 years now and got depressed. I found I couldn't get by after a few years and recently have been taking citalopram which has turned my life around. Good luck!
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Date: 20.10.2008
From: lynhughes

Subject: Re: depression

thanks Rick, glad its helped you, certainly something i'm considering
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Date: 25.10.2008
From: Tony

Subject: Re: depression

I use a product called Elmore Oil for my arthritis. I found it by chance on the internet when looking for something to help with the pain. It is 100% natural and offers a full 14 days refund if not happy. Google it and read more for yourself. I tried quite a few things before this and I hate taking tablets so this was worth a try. Hope it helps you.

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