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Date: 16.10.2008
From: nicola rees

Subject: is this ra?

I have been going to my gp for over a yaer with this problem and when i finally went to a consultant he said my bloods and xrays were clear.It started as pain in my right elbow then tranferred to my wrist and fingers.This was the mirrored in my left elbow ,wrist and hand.It is always there but can range from dull toothache to agony.I get swelling expecially on the fatty pad of the hands, inbertween he knuckles and the elbow .redness and occassional burning sensation.Oddly in the last week i have a pins and needles sensation in my palm and fingers.Im due to go back to the consultant soon who will just tell me theres nothing wrong with me (i got my results from his secetary)do you think i have ra and what should i do now?
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Date: 25.10.2008
From: Nik

Subject: Re: is this ra?

My mum tested negative for RA for over a year. She did have it all along. I know they look for markers in the blood but not having them doesnt mean you dont have it as does having the markers mean you do have it. I would speak to them again. x
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