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Date: 11.10.2008
From: Irene Paynter

Subject: Arthretic joints

My new GP is insistant that I cannot be suffering with Arthritis in more than one joint at the same time. He is insistant that the flare ups only happen in one joint at a time and it must be all in my mind. It certainly doesnt feel like that lol.
I am on MTX injection 17.5mg shortly to be increased to 20mg for my Pustular Psoriasis and related arthritic problems. I see at least 3 other specialists at the moment and they are all trying their best to help me either with my skin, blood or joints.
My old GP who had been there in the beginning has now left and I have been allocated another doctor who is insistant that he is right and everyone else is wrong.
I'm beginning to wonder if he is telling the truth, and its me going nuts. Does anyone else have trouble in more than one joint at a time.
my knees, hips, elbows, shoulders, wrists, the three top vertabrae of my neck,bottom of my back, some fingers and toes, and ankles are affected at some time or another, but never solely on their own.
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Date: 14.10.2008
From: Anthony

Subject: Re: Arthretic joints

Irene, I also suffer with arthritis in my right knee and also my neck and my fingers. These can happen ALL at the same time some mornings. I am a sports teacher and when it comes into this cold weather it gets worse. So your doctor may know more if he actually suffered with the pain instead of telling you it's not true. I now have help in the pain department and I find I don't suffer now.

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