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Date: 07.10.2008
From: Jenny Smith

Subject: enlarged lymph nodes caused by RA

Hi everyone, i am new to this site i have had RA since i was 21 and i am now 28 i have been maintained on methotrexate but stopped taking this 5 months ago to start a family (i am not yet pregnant as only just come off my pill). I noticed a lump in my arm pit which i was told by the hospital physician that it was a reactive lymph node due to the arthritis flare up in my left hand. Could anyone else tell me if they have had similar problems with lymph nodes and if they went on their own or if they were painful or sore or anything?? Thanks Jenny
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Date: 16.10.2008
From: jenny leung

Subject: Re: enlarged lymph nodes caused by RA

I am 57 years old and have had RA since I was 10. In my twenties, I hade enlarged lymph nodes in my armpit and neck and somewhere along the way, not sure when but by the time I was mid thirties, they had disappeared. They were never painful and I was always reassured by doctors that they were not harmful to me.
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Date: 17.10.2008
From: jenny

Subject: Re: enlarged lymph nodes caused by RA

Thanks very much for that info. I must admit I was very worried when i first felt it. Could you remember if they were painful or not and did you have them checked out by GP or Hospital. Many Thanks
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Date: 19.10.2008
From: Andrea

Subject: Re: enlarged lymph nodes caused by RA

yes my son 17 has RA he had flare up in knees, now went to knuckle he too found a small lump under his armpit and his Rheum Dr. said it was due to the RA and appears to be common with RA. he recently started Methotrexate 4th shot due tommorrow. Seeing good results already. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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