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Date: 10.01.2012
From: Laura

Subject: I hate rheumatology

I need to rant I'm having bad fibromyalgia day last week I phoned to enquire about meds they haven't got back to me I try the help line they always have the bloody answer machine on cos they are so useless why won't they help me
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Date: 12.01.2012
From: KayJay

Subject: Re: I hate rheumatology

Laura my Rhuemie said there was nothing for Fibro apart from Amytriptyline which I was already on. I went to my GP and she said NO there are other meds so she prescribed me Gabapentin and these have been brill for me.

It seems [ to me anyway ] that Rhuematologists do not consider that Fibromyalgia is a recognised ailment. Thats the impression I got anyway with my Rhuemie guy which is way unfair to us suffering with it !!
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