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Date: 07.01.2012
From: paula

Subject: Just want to say thank you

Just want to say thank you for your messages since I was diagnosed with RA on Thursday. You guys have been awesome since Christmas which is when I first found this.
I am sorry I ranted yesterday, felt sorry for myself so I apologise if I upset anyone, it is going to take awhile for me to get to grips (no pun) intended and hope the pain settles down. I felt fleuy and really tired in the last few days, but it will ease. Must listen to the body more, and rest. I am gratefult for my electric blanket on my bed though. For those who are having problems sleeping and problems with the pain, I leave the electric blanket on during the night and it helps me to try and relax and eases the pain a little. If I need a nap during the day I switch it on and lay for a little while. I do belong to a meditation class, and after I was diagnosed I was able to go and switch off for an hour, I have read that breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation are supposed to help with the pain and wondered has anyone tried it. Meditation is good with anxiety and for me the asthma. This is a silly question a little embarassing for me, does anyone get the diaoherra with the steroids? Yesterday was a bit of an issue with that and this morning, injection was on Thursday. I did have the tablet form when my asthma played up 2 years ago and it did the same thing then. I have not started the meds yet. They have to laise with the pyschiatrist because of all the meds I am on I am on liquid lithium among other things for chronic bi polar so she wants some advice. i cannot have anything with ibrprofen in it due to the lithium and the Gp said i will be limited with anti inflammatories because of the asthma. I have tried ice packs when the pain gets bad, which helps a little when the joints are inflammed and a massage if I can tolerate it. Thanks again all of you for your support and help, I am glad I found this forum and some really wonderful people who are kind and understanding. I hope that I can do the same for you. Hope you have a restful day, and that none of you are in too much pain. If you are having a bad day, i am thinking of you, and sending you a hug and hope your pain eases for you soon. Take care all of you.
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