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Date: 03.10.2008
From: rick crowe

Subject: Humira & flu jab

Has any body had a flu jab whilst on Humira? Does it produce new side effects?
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Date: 03.10.2008
From: Julie

Subject: Re: Humira & flu jab

I've had flu jabs for years since being on Humira (and mtx, steroids etc before this). Two years ago though I missed my flu jab & had my first winter ever where i wasn't suffering from constant, never ending colds!

I think I had maybe just one brief cold whereas normally each one I get lasts for weeks and I have hardly a few day's break between each one. Could have been coincidence - and of course the consequences of getting full blown flu would have been worse - but I couldn't help but think missing my jab had a lot to do with how I sailed through that winter feeling great!

Won't be having one this year as I'm 8 weeks pregnant & have stopped my Humira & all other medication.
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