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Date: 05.01.2012
From: kitty

Subject: Getting into a rhumy

After weeks of joint pain and testing with my regular dr they referred me to a rhumy today. The rhumy doctor called and they are making appointment in late Feb. I can get in on Feb 29th. Ugh! That seems like a long wait. What would you do. I hate being in pain until then
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Date: 05.01.2012
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Getting into a rhumy

As waiting lists go this is not bad. It seems a lifetime to us. Hope your GP gave you some pain meds!!! Keep your chin up Kitty X
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Date: 07.01.2012
From: paula

Subject: Re: Getting into a rhumy

I feel for you Kitty, makes me feel really lucky that i got one when i did, i was referred on 21st december, and my appointment came through on 23rd dec for 5th january. I was diagnosed with RA then although another GP in the practice sent me for a x ray on 16th december which came back before christmas and the RA was picked up on x ray, so I have no idea why i got one that quick unless it was because of hand x ray. I suppose it depends on what area of the country you are and the trust. Is there anyway you can chase the appointment up because of the pain you are in? Perhaps phone the consultant secretary and see if they can squeeze you in earlier. Can the GP give you something for the pain, ie co codomol. Take it easy
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