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Date: 27.12.2011
From: Paula

Subject: Wjat to mention

Hi I am about to see a Rhumatologist for the first time next week, and was wondering what to bring up with medical problems. I was diagnosed with loose joints in 1980 when i was 8, had hydrotherapy for a year back then, and suffered with dislocations ever since. I had a bad one of the right knee when i was 23 and had to have a knee realignment operation in 1997. The in 2004 i developed archilles tendonitis in my left heel. This runs in the family. There are members of my family who are diagnosed with arthrtis, my mum has OA, along with my grand father, who also has spndylitis in the neck. My brother has psoarsis arthrtis. I also had chronic fatigue syndrome in 1988 which i had problems with as a teenager. Last year, i had problems with pain in my hands, but did nothing about it. This year the problems have got worse, I have swelling in both hands espically both thumb joints and the knuckles. The tirdeness and exhaustion have been unbeleivable along with the pain that has had me in tears. I am getting down with it,espically seeing 3 am because of the sleep. I have tried Bamoosa cream and Difflam cream both have had no effect, and neither has paracetamol. I went to the urgent care centre a few weeks ago and the Gp there gave me co codamol. The GP at the practice sent me for a hand x ray, and I had bloods done as well, this came back negative for RA, I have pain in both wrists, the doctors are worried about what medication I can take, as I am asthmatic and I am allergic to a lot of anti inflammotores. I cannot take ibrupfen as I am on Lithium Citrate so have already been told limited on what meds I can have. The rain, damp and cold weather make it worse, it is the pain as it is driving me mad, it is also affecting my shoulder joints. You know what some doctors are like, they think you are a hypocondriac. It is affecting my ability to do the basics, gripping, turning, holding a cup and a knife and fork to eat with, and as to get medication bottle tops off forget it! Sorry for such a long post, but is anything here worth mentioning. Thanks guys. My brother with psa also has loose joints by the way, but in the hips and legs not all over like me.
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Date: 27.12.2011
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Wjat to mention

Tell your Rhumy everything. They need to know the whole story as they know nothing about your case. Write it down and take it with you, as often I get outside and say Oh I forgot to say this or that. I also have asthma so I know what you are saying about the meds. There is better pain relief you can have than co-codamol, a better one is co-dydramol prescrption only. I also take Tramadol. I hope you get some positive results from your appointment GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
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