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Date: 20.12.2011
From: alex whittle

Subject: crackling noises in my head

hi just been diagnosed with spondilitus in my neck my neck cracks when i move it and sore, i can put up with this but it is the strange crackling noises in my head that are driving me potty anyone else have this problem
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Date: 20.12.2011
From: marlene

Subject: Re: crackling noises in my head

Hi Alex, the crackling you can hear in your head is coming most likely from your neck. Speak to your GP maybe you could have some physio to loosen up your tense neck and shoulder muscles. The trouble is when we have pain we hold our bodies in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways and this is not good for muscles. I suffer with OA of the spine and have had surgery. I know when the back pain starts i hold my self wrong my shoulder has OA and I finish up with my shoulders too high up by my ears LOL although its not funny. I have to have physio to free it all off. Oh the joys of Arthur. I hope this helps. Just like to add make sure your pillows are right for you not sure why this is important but when you have back problems I have been told by physio this is important. I hope you get some help soon. Take Care
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