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Date: 26.09.2008
From: lisa

Subject: Is this really happening??

It all started with the sudden onset of acute pain in my right shoulder. No injury or trauma to the arm. Took 10 days to recover with plenty of drugs, sleeping sitting up, and tears! Two weeks ago, I woke up with pain in Left big toe (mostly on the ball of the foot. Limped around for a few days, then suddenly my Right ankle started to swell. I mean major inflammation and excrutiating pain! GP started me on celebrex and did some blood tests. Got the results today....positive for RF (40) and positive ESR (32). My ankle is not swollen any more but the pain remains (as does the toe pain, and the shoulder pain). I also have noticed general stiffness and nagging pain in my hand joints (excused them as OA, as this runs in my family). Never been sick a day in my life (Im 39 now), but over the last 6-12 months just havent felt myself. Have also always had what I call "an overreactive inflammatory" system. For example, would get large red, hot inflammation on my skin in areas exposed to pressure (like sitting in a chair for long periods). What about the "symmetrical" diagnostic aspect of RA? I have only ever had it on one joint on one side at a time.
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