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Date: 20.09.2008
From: Alison

Subject: Looking for friends

Hi all,

I have suffered from pain and inflammation in many of my joints for years but was always told my bloods were negative. Eventually a year ago I was told I had RA. I'm now 43. I feel quite isolated and dont know anyone else with this disease. Most people seem to think its just a few pains in my knees now and again!! I'd love to hear from others who have RA and would really appreciate any support and friendship on offer out there. Hope to hear from some of you.
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Date: 20.09.2008
From: kay

Subject: Re: Looking for friends

Hi Alison,
My name is Kay & like you my bloods were negative,i've had RA for 3yrs i'm 42.I have methotrexate injections which is better than when i had the tablets as they made me feel sick all the time.Any time you need to talk about anything feel free to do so.
what meds are you on & do you have a good RA doc?I have a great doc who listens to my concerns & about any problems that i'm having.
I know what it feels like when you've got no-one who's in the same situation as you to talk to you feel so alone.Hopefully we can share our experiences & help one another out from time to time.
Take care Kay x
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