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Date: 17.09.2008
From: maria jose graca

Subject: Arthritis?

I have been with symptons for 6 months but have not yet been diagnosed for arthritis although my doctor is almost certain it is. My knees are swollen and full of synovial liquid and once they are really full I cannot walk as all my tendons and everything is very tight. Then I put ice and rest for 2 days and it all goes away. But a day after the same thing happens to the other side of the leg. Reslly strange. So I have to keep resting again and putting some ice. Do not have much time left to do anything else. Does anybody have this kind of problem, as I have always thought that people started by having their hand affected and not right on their knees. Would love to have some information about this experience.
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Date: 17.09.2008
From: christine wood

Subject: Re: Arthritis?

Hi marie ive got RA, and bye the sound of what your saying thats happend to me, ive had both knees drained twice, and injected, they told me it was bakers cyst, caused by the RA,did you not go to the docs with it. christineanne123
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