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Date: 22.10.2011
From: Dilzjo

Subject: Guys This may interest you if you are trying to get benefits we deserve!

I found this post this morning whilst browsing the news. Some of you may be interested in attending, I can't as I live nowhere near any of the events. I would dearly love to go and make my voice heard.

HARDEST HIT DIARY NOTE for event on Saturday 22 October 2011

UK cities set for disabled people's protest HARDEST HIT Day of Action

1 September 2011

WHAT: Disabled people, their families and friends taking to the streets in cities across the UK protesting against Government cuts to disability benefits and services. This takes place one year on from the Comprehensive Spending Review that revealed the Governmentās intention to slash public spending.

WHEN: 22 October 2011

WHERE: Protests are planned across the UK, including Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds, Nottingham, Brighton, Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol (more locations to follow).

Individual event details to date:
Edinburgh: Rally planned
Cardiff: Rally planned
Leeds: Assemble at Victoria Gardens, Headrow, from 12.30 for march through main shopping areas. Returning to Headrow for a rally from 2 - 2.30pm
Nottingham: Rally planned in Market Square
Brighton: Rally planned
Manchester: Rally between 2pm and 3pm at Albert Square, outside Manchester Town Hall
Newcastle: Assemble at Bigg Market from 10.30am. March to Monument for rally at 11.30am. Ends at 12.30pm.
Bristol: March and rally planned in Bristol City Centre.

Visit or for more information on times and locations.


For case studies, interviews and more information please contact:

Vicki Prout, Mind, Mental Health Charity for England and Wales:, 0208 522 1743 / 07850 788 514

Yashoda Sutton or Emma Mercer, RNIB Media Relations Team:, 020 7391 2223, 07968 482812 (out-of-hours)

Vanessa Stevens, Sense, the national deafblind charity:, 0207 520 0965 / 07770 580 843 (out-of-hours).

Daniel Mazliah, Scope, the disability charity:; 02076197203, 07843467948 (out-of-hours)

Natalia Kannas, Leonard Cheshire Disability:, 0203 242 0389 / 07903 949 388 (out of hours)

Eleanor Bradstreet, learning disability charity Mencap:, 020 7696 6937 / 07949 857 259

Disabled people, those with long-term conditions and their families are being hit the hardest by cuts to the benefits and services they need to live their lives.

Many are living in fear of cuts to essential benefits including Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). The total cuts will mean an estimated £9 billion loss to disabled people and their familiesā incomes over the next four years, on top of cuts to many local care and support services.

The Hardest Hit campaign, organised jointly by the Disability Benefits Consortium and the UK Disabled Peopleās Council, brings together individuals and over 50 organisations to send a clear message to the Government: stop these cuts.

We want:

1. No cuts to services vital to disabled people.

2. The Government to ensure that changes to DLA do not make disabled people worse off.

3. The Government to ensure that ESA works by improving the assessment process.

4. The Government to ensure that the welfare system supports people with the additional costs of living with a disability.

People can support the campaign today by writing to their MP, signing up for a Hardest Hit event taking place near them on 22 October or joining our online protest. Find out more at

Join the conversation at or using #HardestHit on Twitter.
The Hardest Hit campaign

The Hardest Hit campaign is organised jointly by the Disability Benefits Consortium and the UK Disabled Peopleās Council and is supported by Action Duchenne, Action for Blind People, Action for M.E., Action on Hearing Loss, Age UK, Arthritis Care, Breast Cancer Care, Broken of Britain, Carer Watch, Carers UK, Changing Perspectives, Child Poverty Action Group, Citizens Advice, Clic Sargent, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Deafblind UK, Disability Alliance, Disability Awareness in Action, Disability Wales, Elizabeth FitzRoy Support, Epilepsy Society, Every Disabled Child Matters, Guide Dogs, Haemophilia Society, Hammersmith and Fulham Against Care Cuts, Hampshire CIL, Inclusion Scotland, LASA, Leaning Disability Coalition, Leonard Cheshire Disability, Macmillan Cancer Support, Mencap, Meningitis Research Foundation, Mind, Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association, MS Society, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, NCIL, National AIDS Trust, National Autistic Society (NAS), National Deaf Childrenās Society, Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People, Parkinsonās UK, Public and Commercial Services Union, People First Ltd, Rethink, Royal Association for Disability Rights (RADAR), Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), RSI Action, Scope, Sense, Skill, Spinal Injuries Association, Stroke Association, Sue Ryder, Transport for All, TUC, United Response, Vitalise, Where's the benefit?

- ENDS -

If any of you attend shout for me as well please:)
take care xx
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Date: 22.10.2011
From: davina

Subject: Re: Guys This may interest you if you are trying to get benefits we deserve!

thanks dilzjo your very informative as always. xxx
hope you are well. x
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Date: 23.10.2011
From: Dilizjo

Subject: Re: Guys This may interest you if you are trying to get benefits we deserve!

From BBC

Do this government think we are stupid to believe the false promises read there? They have have nothing but disable the disabled since they came into power.
For instance this article was in The Sun, Thursday, October, 2011.

No Lift for thr Disabled.
Wheelchair users being assessed for their disability benefits in a first floor office have been told they cannot use a lift to get there.
Safety officials say it is too risky in case of an emergency evacuation.
Claiments must either climb 42 steps at the ATOS Healthcare Centre in Croydon , South London - or make a 14-mile round trip to another site.
Carol-Ann Peakin, who represents the disabled in the borough, called it "ludicrous", adding there was no disable parking at the ATOS office. The firm said it will reimberse clients who are forced to travel.

The Govenment pay out stupid amounts of money to this firm to carry out these assessments so ultimately are responsible for the service they carry out on their narrow-minded behalf, so why are they letting ATOS get away with things like this?

"The firm said it will reimberse clients who are forced to travel." That's a joke they do not reimberse you for travel at all they will pay 25p per mile into your bank weeks after the assessment. Which does not help those who are only recieving £53/£67.50 per week to live off, that amount goes nowhere near covering the cost of fuel and public transport.

I sincerely hope that people don't give up on these protests and maybe someone somewhere will be able to find some kind of amicable solution to the big hole that the ConDems are digging us into.
Dilizjo is ranting again:(
Take care xx
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Date: 23.10.2011
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Guys This may interest you if you are trying to get benefits we deserve!

I am so not surprised about anything any more. I cannot believe the policy of anything at all. I am so glad you keep us informed on all the issues you find, if i could jump and down with frustration I would. If claiments could climb 42 steps what is the likely hood of them even being there???? If I turned up there I would demand they come down the bloody stairs to see me!!!! I am fed up to the back teeth of it all. Damned Disgrace!!!! Just fell off my soapbox. Take Care X
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Date: 23.10.2011
From: Dilizjo

Subject: Re: Guys This may interest you if you are trying to get benefits we deserve!

Lifting Marlene off her soapbox now:) and giving her a big hug:)

Take care xx
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