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Date: 26.08.2008
From: emma

Subject: flare ups?

hiya, i'm new on here. I have been refered to a consultant to seek a diagnosis of arthritis and have my oppointment tomorrow. I have had joint /muscle pain for a few years on and off but have always put it down to my thyroid (i have an underactive luck that I got the one that made you GAIN wieght!!) but 8 weeks ago I ended up in A+E unable to move! they put me on dixlofec (sp?) and since then I have had 2 bad days when pain and stiffness were so bad it effected day to day living. Inbetween times I have been relitavly pain free but find that lack of movement and strength catches me out sometimes. Is it common to have flare ups or are most people in constant pain? thanks for any help. -x-
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