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Date: 10.08.2008
From: Jessica Yan

Subject: Effect of Diet On Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that is generally common in old people of above 50 years age. There are almost about 100 different types of arthritis a human can suffer with. Every year millions of people do suffer from this painful disease of arthritis. Arthritis is basically a condition in which the lubricating layer of the protecting layer of the joints of our body decreases of gets destroyed due to some reason. Owing to the lack of this lubricating layer the bones gets continuous friction, each time the patients uses his joints like those of ankles, knees, elbows etc. This rubbing of bone leads to a very painful sensation which sometimes is so unbearable. It's quite astonishing to know that this arthritis can be treated by avoiding certain specific diet in your regular meal.

Hence each and every patient suffering from arthritis should be well aware of all those food ingredients that could trigger up the severity of this painful disease.

Proper food habit and a regular exercise is the key to maintain a healthy life. If a proper diet is taken, then the severity of arthritis can obviously be decreased. There are several foods that accelerate the intensity of arthritis hence patients should be well known the foods to avoid with arthritis. All those diets which could enhance your regular weight should then and there be avoided. Overweight is one of the major issues to trigger the arthritis as it causes extra pressure on the joints and even worsen the situation.

It is not said that simply avoiding certain foods can get you free from the clutch of arthritis. A regular intake of adequate diet is also very much essential. Foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins and vitamins are helpful in arthritis. Fruits should be taken in ample amount, as it has large content of vitamins in it.

All the arthritis patients should be well aware of those food ingredients which they need to be away from. Foods that are needed to be avoided with arthritis are milk, flour, sugar, red meat, butter and margarine, chocolate, sugar, caffeine, white potatoes, salt, wheat flour and Bran. These foods are either rich in its fat content or produces acidic behavior inside our body.

Regardless of the above food to avoid with arthritis, there should be a high intake of those foods by the patients which act as a alkali to our body. These foods can neutralize the acidic content of the body that's basically the triggering cause of arthritis pain. Apples, blackberries, kiwi fruit, peaches, mango, cantaloupe, strawberries, sardines, herring, salmon, mackerel, tuna, turmeric are the food ingredients that has a alkaline effect on our body, thus helpful in reducing arthritis.

Above diet information is undoubtedly helpful in reducing the pain of an Arthritis patient but he should also follow a regular Yoga or exercise as suggested by an orthopedic.
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