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Date: 25.09.2011
From: kirst

Subject: MTX ...

Im 24, and was on mtx for a year, i took myself off it because of irregular periods. was expecting all to begin to return to normal but i have had only one period in this time.

Has ANYONE had this or heard of anyone hving similar problems????

Am getting to the point where im going to start fighting the docs to investigate because on a scan i had a few months ago everything looked normal as far as my womb tubes and ovaries were conserned but docs seem to not want to do anyhting about it.

yet another battle!
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Date: 25.09.2011
From: lynnr

Subject: Re: MTX ...

hi kirst i am 35 and like you i was taking mxt only for a short time and did not have any periods whilst on it and they are still irregular, i did loss quite a bit of weight on it due to the side effects etc and my doctor thinks it could be that thats causing this but i defo think it was the mxt i hated taking it
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