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Date: 15.09.2011
From: kirst

Subject: trip to A&E...

well i got sent to A&E this morning because ive been having difficulty swallowing, was itchy and so it was thought that it may be an allergic reaction to some meds.
However when i was examined the Dr put pressure on my sturnum and ouch... the pain radiated over my ribs and round to my back. So ive been told its likely ive got Arthritis in my ribs and sturnum. Ive also been refferd to a gastric doc becaues it appears the pain ive been having swallowing is because of heart burn. Most likely beacuse of NSAID's. im just hoping to god i havnt got damage caused by reflux.

Im also upset about the inflamation to my sturnum. :(
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Date: 15.09.2011
From: marlene

Subject: Re: trip to A&E...

Hi Kirsty sorry to hear you had a visit to A&E. I have OA in my sterum and yes it hurts a lot. I discovered mine also at A&E but now i know what i am dealing with i have learned how not to aggrivate it lifting awkward streching to far sitting in bad positions. Listen to me on my soapbox LOL. I am sure you will be okay with the reflux once tests done you can take a daily gastro-resistant capsule the normal is Lansoprazole I only know this because members of the family take it due to reflux. Hope this helps take care try not to worry too much. Hope your appoinment is not too far away. X
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