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Date: 02.08.2008
From: Debbie

Subject: Dr Fuhrman - physician extraordinaire or snake oil salesman?

Has anyone got any comments to make about Dr Fuhrman. He's US based and has a great deal of positive coverage on the net.
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Date: 04.08.2008
From: Rachael

Subject: Re: Dr Fuhrman - physician extraordinaire or snake oil salesman?

I have heard of this one before but I don't think it was by this chap. I don't really understand though, is he saying that vegetarians wouldn't get RA?
Another one I have heard of is a treatment of anti-fungals like clotrimazole although it's supposed to make you so bad after a couple of weeks you have to recover then start again!!!
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Date: 08.08.2008
From: Debbie

Subject: Re: Dr Fuhrman - physician extraordinaire or snake oil salesman?

I don't really understand it either. Of course vegetarians get RA (I am a vegetarian!), so that seems to blow part of his theory out of the water. He also thinks wheat and citrus have an impact.
There seem to be heaps of arthritis diets recommended on the web - usually talking about acids and advising sticking to alkaline food. And lots involving cider vinegar.
Surely some of the long term sufferers out there have tried one of these, to see if they have an effect. They seem, on the whole pretty harmless, albeit a pain to stick to, and can be followed in conjunction with existing drug regimes. And maybe they have benefit? Or maybe I'm clutching at straws...
If anyone has tried a diet based treatment, I'd love to hear if there were any improvements.
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