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Date: 26.07.2008
From: Trish

Subject: New to Rheumatoid Arthriitis

I suppose at 54 I am relatively new to being diagnosed with RA with the added complication of Fibromyaligia. I was diagnosed about two years ago, and have been trying to find out what supplements etc are worth taking. At present I am on Tramacet, Meloxicam & Amitriptyline. I have tried numerous other tablets but they seem to upset my stomach. As with other RA suffers I have my good and bad days. I have tried to explain to relatives and friends but they dont seem to understand, and that it is all in my head, that I am tired or in pain and feel washed out.
I have been on holiday this week and have just returned feeling washed out and in a lot of pain. Maybe my own fault as I agreed to go camping and it has caused terrible pain in my knees- from entering and exiting the tent, even so I had a wonderful time and it was well worth it.
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Date: 28.07.2008
From: Jolie

Subject: Re: New to Rheumatoid Arthriitis

Hi Trish, I have just been diagnosed with RA too. I'm 31 and still angry at the world at the moment. I've always been a very active person and used to run a lot (I still run, I know I shouldn't, when I can). My wrists, feet and neck hurt. In my case I am lucky in that I can mange the pain (I'm on hydroxychlorquine, still waiting for it to kick in) and regullarly take ibuprofen and courses of prednisolone.

I've never bothered with these forums but I feel so alone; like you, my friends and family don't seem to understand and think I'm just moaning. I don't winge half as much as I'd like to and I'm currently going quietly mad. Its so frustrating not being able to lift a sauce pan or open a tin, it drives me mad. I took amytriptyline for a while but it made me feel 'hungover' all the time. Anyway thats enough of me moaning!!

I hope things are getting better for you :-)
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Date: 05.09.2008
From: DANI

Subject: Re: New to Rheumatoid Arthriitis

Hi girls,
I empathize with all that you are saying. I got mine with the menopause last year. I feel scared and frustarted. Friends and partner find it hard to understand and accept that it's not all in our mind . We need to support each other, we need to have a team as only then we have the strength to fight. I have done a lot of research and there is a new treatment called CIMZIA that is waiting to be released. Also a vaccine could be on it's way in amaybe 5 years time. We must keep our hope and spirits up. Meanwhile keep moving and live as healthy a live as we can.
A big hug to both of you
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Date: 08.09.2008
From: christine wood

Subject: Re: New to Rheumatoid Arthriitis

hi dani, you have it the nail on the head, im 7mth into the menopause, and i wonder if this is the cause of RA, i was told 3yrs ago i had it,ive been on mex etc,all the toxic drugs, and all they did was put me in hospital, im at the end of my tether, im in agony all the time, im at my rhumy tomorrow, i am going to ask him can i go on the AP, thats antibiotic therapy, i lady called gemma on the forum, has give me all the info on it, i will just have to wait and see what they say, but what ever im not going on no more toxic drugs, im only on pain killers at the moment,but the point i wanted to make was in sure the menapause has a lot to do with it, christine.
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Date: 09.09.2008
From: Sandra

Subject: Re: New to Rheumatoid Arthriitis

Hi, I am also 54 and I guess I am lucky reaching this age and have only been bothered for 18months with this. I feel confused because I have not been diagnosed yet but now have an appointment with a rheumatologist in a few weeks time. I have been seeing my GP on and off for a long time but getting nowhere. At first it was pain in my fingers and then my hands started, just to join in the pain fest my feet feel sore continually, even in bed!! Not to be left out my elbows and shoulders give me a lot of trouble, again in bed the pain can be awful, causing me not too sleep. I also have problems with my eyes (does anyone else?) Becuase I have not been diagnosed I don't know what to say to people when I feel too tired and sore to do things. I work full time but feel I am not pulling my weight. I have a new baby grand-daughter and can hardly lift her. If I babysit for a couple of hours it leaves me feeling as though I have been hit by a bus!! Not sure why I am writing but I know as I said I feel confused. Question - after diagnosis, what is the routine, would anyone like to advise. Thanks for listening, I am not usually so whiny!!
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