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Date: 06.08.2011
From: Dilizjo

Subject: GGRRRRRRR another rant:(

Sorry not been on but really not good the last few days. Have recieved my Tribunal papers from the DLA and am amazed at the total waste of resources there are well over 50 double sided pages of A4 paper`where I found out that the GP, who didn't know me, that filled out their enquirey form was recieving 33.50 for doing so:( that is 1/3 of my ESA award:( but in his defence he did ask the to deferr any decision till they had recieved a firm diagnosis which they did not do, luckily there is clear evidence of this within the said paperwork, also he stated that I had been deemed fot for work by the ATOS assessment, which the ESA had written to him about, must have been on the day it was recieved by them with only 6 points on, what ESA failed to do was let him know that this decision had been overturned by them over the phone a couple of weeks later. Also my request that the report and it being overturned without an appeal to be used in their decision was completely ignored:(
I am definitely taking legal advice and going all the way with this.
Was having a good day till all this came and since my legs have no power my hip gave way as I tried to go out the back door and is very achy, in fact whole body is in need of a complete overhaul:(
There all done and dusted had my rant. Hope everyone else is doing ok. Take care all:) xx
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Date: 06.08.2011
From: marlene

Subject: Re: GGRRRRRRR another rant:(

It seems like the last few days has been rough for a few of us. Like you need all this rubbish on top of what you already have to deal with. I don't know what to say, only don't give up the fight. Legal advice seems to be the way to go. Try not to let it ruin your week-end, easier said than done, i know only to well.
I am suffering real bad pain the last three days maybe its the weather. Take Care wishing your hip better. X
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