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Date: 05.08.2011
From: Richard

Subject: Does Pred stop working

Hi all.
I just wanted to ask, i`ve had prednisolone quite alot over the last 3-4 years, in between treatments and during flare ups but it doesn`t seem to be as effective as it used to be. I`m inbetween treatments at the moment, going from leflunomide to Cimzia so i`m only prescribed mtx and 10mg pred at the moment, but i`ve been having to take 15mg just to be able to go to work and i`m still in pain with swollen joints. I`ve always relied on Pred to help me out but it doesn`t seem to be doing much at the moment which is why I was wondering if it loses its effectiveness over time.
Thanks everyone. Richard
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Date: 06.08.2011
From: bsk

Subject: Re: Does Pred stop working

hi Richard, think it is more likely you are in a bad flare and need more prednisolone than the other way around.
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Date: 06.08.2011
From: Gillian

Subject: Re: Does Pred stop working

Hi Richard. I personally think that it sometimes is not as effective as it has been. I had my second slow release injection two weeks ago and this time it does not seem to be working as well as the first one I had few months ago. The first one was like magic but this one is no where as good. I dont really want to start steroid tablets as I have not long been finished a massively long course which was making my blood pressure very high. I work full time and I really struggle some days. So I would say yes it does loose its effectiveness after a while. Gillian
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