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Date: 21.07.2008
From: sarah

Subject: Enbrel: is it safe?

I am due to start Enbrel tomorrow and am having second thoughts (mainly due to the lawsuits about people dying that pop up when you search for the medication). I am currently on Methotrexate, which isn't working brilliantly. I have tried all other forms of medication (lethunimide, gold injections etc) all of which didn't work. I am 27 and have had 2 hip replacements and need a shoulder replacement. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me their experience of being on enbrel. Thanks
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Date: 19.08.2008
From: Keith

Subject: Re: Enbrel: is it safe?

Hi, I've had RA for 6 years, 38 year old male. I am currently in a very painful state and due to also start on Enbrel in the next 2 weeks. I have a 3 year old daughter and can't do anything with her because of my pain. If this drug gives me a better quality of life then I think the risk is worth it. I have done quite a bit of reading and the chances of you dying are very low so just weigh things up a bit more. Hope it works for you.
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Date: 02.10.2008
From: anne

Subject: Re: Enbrel: is it safe?

Hey to both of you im on enbrel and its been great its give me a great quality of life i wouldnt be without it:)
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Date: 09.10.2008
From: Julie

Subject: Re: Enbrel: is it safe?

Hi, Anne im also on enbrel and found it worked great at first,then not so good.I have recenly had a flu jab and it has knocked my socks off,can you tell me if you have flu injections and if you have had any side effects
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Date: 14.10.2008
From: vanessa irving

Subject: Re: Enbrel: is it safe?

seriously, dont worry about starting enbrel
i am only 17 and i couldnt ever be without it, i used to not be able to walk and now i am living a normal life. take it!! try it and see for yourself, i assure u u wont be let down, and if it means spending more quality time with your daughter then do it for her.
i know a woman who is 36 who had RA for 12 years, nothing worked then she went on enbrel and she says she cant believe what a difference it has made to her life, she has 5 children and she lives a completely normal life!!

good luck, i hope and pray it does you the same anount of good it has done me

peace and love
vanessa x
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