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Date: 03.08.2011
From: Sharon

Subject: spine scan?

Hi, I have Ra and fibromalgia apparently and I am having a very long flare up. (been off work 8 weeks). I have had 3 steroid injections since march and changed pain killers from tramadol to codeine and paracetamol. I am feeling better especially since I came off tramadol but I am still experiencing stiffnes, mainly in the morning and sharp stabbing pains down my left thigh from my hip. This occurs if stood, sat down or walking for any length of time. It also goes along my back and to the bottom of my spine. Spoke to Rhummy nurse today and she is going to speak with mu consultant tomorrow about me having a spine scan. What next?? Sorry to seem negative but I don't seem to be getting rid of this bloody flare up and I don't need anything else.
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Date: 03.08.2011
From: Lee

Subject: Re: spine scan?

Ive been off 4 months as first they said PA now Fibromyalgia and the Pregabalin for the Fibro aint working that well but atm the heat is causing me to have a flare up 24/7 and whatever i try it doesnt work.

So I know how you feel

A DR friend of mine said with Fibro you feel it more first thing in morn and last thing at night and suggested pain patches as these give out the pain meds 24/7 so even when you are asleep your getting the benefit so this would help in the morning

Perhaps something to discuss with your Rhumy or GP
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Date: 04.08.2011
From: sharon

Subject: Re: spine scan?

Thanks Lee. I have just had a call from the hospital and the consultant is seeing me next thursday so I will ask him about these patches.
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