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Date: 21.06.2008
From: Pat I.W

Subject: Hello I'm new.

Hi my name is Pat I'm a 65yo woman with O/A, i was just wanting to know how you all cope with sleeping at night ? Because I'm now finding it difficult to get a good nights sleep. Any help would be appreciated .

Thanks Pat I.W
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Date: 21.06.2008
From: kay

Subject: Re: Hello I'm new.

Hi Pat my name is kay i've had RA for 3yrs now & i too find it difficult to get a good nights sleep.Then the next day i'm that tired,i end up nodding off in the day.I know i'm not helping much with your problem as i too am in the same boat as you so perhaps we could both use some advice.
Kay x
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Date: 03.07.2008
From: babs

Subject: Re: Hello I'm new.

Pat which joints do you have your O/A
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