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Date: 09.12.2005
From: Toni Lawton

Subject: Just joined you all, thanks to referral from Marjorie N.

Very pleased to be joining and working my way through the website. I hope to be able to attend the next support meeting when I have a location, time. I do know some of you involved, I am sure. Attended the Challenging Arthritis at the Pete Goss Centre (wonderful). Have RA 9 years now and cope quite well but on 5 mg pred,(since I seem to have had adverse reactions to everything else) plus 7.5 meloxicam and Adcal 3 - keep reasonably fit and walking up to 4 miles a day now since I joined a local walking group 'walk for health' buckfastleigh. Forgive my ignorance but what is the Anti TNF medication ? and Enbrell ? referred to in messages ?
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Date: 10.12.2005
From: Trina

Subject: Re: Just joined you all, thanks to referral from Marjorie N.

Hi Toni,

Good to hear from you! I remember that Challenging Arthritis course at the Pete Goss Centre - there were some great people on that course.

You sound like you are doing well - I think being able to walk 4 miles is quite an achievement. The 'walk for health' group sounds good.

We meet in the Hare and Hounds pub in Kingskerswell (just down from Torbay hospital). The next meeting is on 24th Jan at 12 noon - do come along if you can make it it would be great to see you. We usually have lunch there (or just coffee if people don't want to eat).

Anti TNF medication is a new kind of drug which is now being used for people with inflammatory arthritis (mostly RA). There are 3 different ones (at the moment) Embrel, Remicade and Humira. They all work much the same but some people do better on one sort and others on another. These drugs are proving to be very effective for people who don't respond so well to the conventional drugs like methotrexate. The good thing is that they work well but as they are pretty new nobody yet knows what the long-term side effects are... AND they are very expensive so the hospitals can't give it out to patients until they have pretty much exhausted the conventional route. I'm on it now and I have to say I haven't felt this good in a very long time. It is a bit of a gamble, taking a new drug, but for me it seems to be working out well (touch wood).

I'll email you my number and stuff so you can phone me if you want to ask any questions about the group.

Good to hear from you,

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Date: 16.02.2009
From: sally harris

Subject: Re: Just joined you all, thanks to referral from Marjorie N.

i have started on embrel and the first injection was fantastic - i was doing stairs and all sort - i have had 3 since with no effect what so ever - how long did it take for you to have benefit from the embrel?
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