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Date: 08.03.2011
From: ant

Subject: high rheumatoid factor

hi guys ur opinions would be great!!
i have had RA for 2 years, 6 months ago my mother started showing symptons of arthritis, she had her bloods done 2 wks ago, all was normal except a high rheumatoid factor!!! could this be the start of RA?, and is it hereditary? she is awaiting an appointment from rheumatologist so any imput would be great?? cheers
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Date: 08.03.2011
From: cookie

Subject: Re: high rheumatoid factor

Hi ant ra is heradatory quite often skips a generation but not always high rheumatoid factor is an indication and would be used in conjunction with symptoms for a diagnosis they may also do bloods in rheumatology for HLA b27 also an indicator but also depends on your mums rheumy consultant xx
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