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Date: 04.03.2011
From: Natalie

Subject: Breastfeeding and RA

Hi just wanted to ask if anyone else has experience wit Rheumatoid Arthritis and breastfeeding? I had my little boy in April 2009 and like most mums the RA had gone throughout pregnancy. I have been breastfeeding (BF) since his birth and am still going. I tried to give up when my baby was 18 months, due to going back to work, but within 3-4 days my RA had returned, so I statred up again (luckily my little lad loves BF so this was no problem). He is now 2 years and I have started a new job which gives me little time with my little boy for 3 days a week. This means that by the end of the working days I'm in agony with hands and feet very painful. But throughout the next 4 days off I let my baby BF as much as he wants and by the end I'm completely back to normal??!!! Of course this is great for me at the moment , but I'm having visions of having to BF forever...I'm now investing in a good qualitiy breast pump ;-) I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and could give me tips...Also has anyone tried the antibiotic miocycline for RA?
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