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Date: 02.03.2011
From: Neil

Subject: Ankle swelling.

Hi all, i had another flare up around 4 months ago after 8 years pain free. I have reactive arthritis.

I'm having pains in my left shoulder mainly on my collarbone, and my Right ankle has just swelled up before christmas and it's not going down. I'm under the hospital and i'm taking Sulphasalazine i'm on 6 a day. I was taking diclafenic also but have decided to cut them out!!

Some days i can hardily walk, i just some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm 30 years old and feel 90 some days...

Any advice most appreciated.

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Date: 02.03.2011
From: cookie

Subject: Re: Ankle swelling.

Hi neil i find i develop a tolerance to anti inflamatories so might be worth asking your gp for a change to the diclofenic x
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