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Date: 27.02.2011
From: Sandie

Subject: Alternatives for MTX help needed

Hi everyone, I need a little bit of advice before I go for my next hospital appointment please. I have been on mtx for nearly 6 months now and don't feel any better for it, and if anything, some of my joints feel worse. I know when I go for my appointment they will just suggest I try something else, well does anyone have any ideas what I should be trying. Thank you and hope it's a good week for everyone.
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Date: 28.02.2011
From: Lucy

Subject: Re: Alternatives for MTX help needed

Hey Sandie,
There are plenty of options depending on your type of arthritis and all drugs work differently for each of us. Its a case of trial and error which sucks on our part! Your rheumy may consider things like sulphasalazine, steroids, anti-tnf - though these tend to be last resort due to the cost (12,000+ a year!).
If MTX not working then you need a change or something alongside it. Be honest with your consultant and if you really think they're now working then demand an alternative.
Good luck! You have other options so dont get down :)
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