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Date: 06.02.2011
From: tarnlake

Subject: Worried Abourt Medical Again

Hi There

Last year, a week before I went in for my arthroscopy on left knee I had to attend medical for employment & support allowance. I failed the medical (got 12 points) despite not being able to squat, able to get on and off examining table, also difficulty getting in and out of chair.
My op last year didnt help and I was offered kneecap removal but I didnt know enough about this, could only find people who told me not to have it done ever so didnt have that surgery...Have been refused TKR of age primarily and weight secondly.
I dont know how to approach this in medical, will they see the doctors not operating as me having nothing wrong with me? Have had comments in recent weeks from DLA advisor in JC such as "can you do retial work" and doctor saying im negative despite going on weight loss diet, seeing dietician and exercising....And of course consultants notes make it look as if they have had an ideal consultation, been so helpful, when in actual fact they havent...And I took a witness with me to verify that fact....
Not looking forward to someone else putting me down again.....:-(
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