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Date: 02.02.2011
From: Carly

Subject: Inflamatory Arthritis - limits

Hi All,

First time here - so quick into. I'm Carly, 30 from Manchester. I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis Jan '09.

As everyone's symptoms vary, I get the flu like feeling, i get hot skin everywhere, hands/feet ache most days, other joints have their moments also, and fatigue really effects me - sleep is so important, if i dont rest well one night, i suffer that day and beyond.

I'm trying to understand the limits of my condition, and get some advice really as to when I should really rest and when I should just plough on and have a life. I want to do what's best to control the symptoms which cause the long term damage, but I think some of my pain is just aches related but not as damaging - if that makes sense?

Today it hurt to walk, my knees were very sore (i never really show with inflamed joints, but they are very hot and really sore to touch, use etc). And I didn't know what would be best for my arthritis - carrying on, going to work (which I did), or should I really rest on days like that? My rheumy Dr isn't really helping me with things like this so i just wanted some advice from those who deal with this daily. My employer is really wonderful with me and they are quite flexible about working from home, or starting work late on bad mornings, but i just really want to know what is best to do to help slow down this condition.
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Date: 02.02.2011
From: dolly

Subject: Re: Inflamatory Arthritis - limits

hi carly, my name is dolly. i have rheumatoid arthritis [RA], and have lived with it for the last 41 yrs. i'm not sure if that's what you have, there's over 100 types. it sounds like RA and if that's what it is i can share some things with you.for your job i'm glad you have very understanding boss. one thing i learned through the pas many yrs. is you have to learn to know when to rest. for example after you get to work and you start getting more sore than when you woke up, your body is telling you that you are doing too much. if your job allows you, and if you can have a lay down or find a place to put your feet up and try to keep still for 15-20 minutes. your body will always tell you when to rest. i used to keep pushinf myself so i learned the hard way. i used to work in a pub and never rested when i should have now i cant work at all. in the past 40 yrs i've had 30 surgeries. so i learned rest is very important. if you work full time you might have to change to part time if you start having too many flare ups. take care and feel free to ask any questions.
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