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Date: 02.02.2011
From: Charlotte

Subject: Psoriatic arthritis and time off work for hospital appointments.

I have a new manager at work who says that I have to either take unpaid leave or make up the time if I go to a hospital appointment. I work full time which is a struggle so I am unable to make the time up.

I recently had a flare and had to have a steroid injection and two days off. He was not happy and it went down as unpaid leave. I have now found out I need a steroid injection in my finger - again he's not happy.

There is talk at the hospital that I may need methotrexate injections as they don't think the tablets are been absorbed.

I wonder if anyone can advise me on how I stand at work as I am unable to keep taking time off as unpaid. I feel I am been treated unfairly as I can't help having a long term condition which I have little control over.

Many thanks in advance for your advice, it is much appreciated.

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Date: 02.02.2011
From: davina

Subject: Re: Psoriatic arthritis and time off work for hospital appointments.

look at or acas they can help with matters with employment problems

sorry can't help any-more tho

hope this helps
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