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Date: 22.01.2011
From: davina

Subject: advice please

Hello hope you are having a good weekend everyone.

just some advice has I've been on methotrexate since September and plaquenil since November and seen no improvement.
i am seeing my rheumy on the 8Th Feb and i have decided to come off mtx due to wanting a baby.
i know i need to be off it for 6 months before i conceive but is there anything else i can take til the time i can start trying? like a biological?

i will ask to stay on plaquenil and give it a bit longer to work and stay on the prednisolone steroids.

is there anyone that has had a baby with having arthritis?
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Date: 22.01.2011
From: cookie

Subject: Re: advice please

I have had 2 whilst having ra had to stop everything was quite worried at first but hormones kicked in and needed nothing whilst pregnant no aches etc. However had a flare up at 3 months after both. I took sulphersalazine and nsai up until i found out i was preggie. Dont forget to build up your folic acid as some meds knock it out of your system xx good luck
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Date: 23.01.2011
From: davina

Subject: Re: advice please

oh ok thanks for that, never thought about the folic acid thing.
so you took sulphersalazine til you found out you was pregnant, thats good to know.

tanks for that. x
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