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Date: 11.01.2011
From: karen

Subject: Wrists feeling strange


Have been on 20mg of mtx for roughly 8 weeks, although my ra seems mild compared to some others on this forum, the meds have helped as instead of waking up with my fingers all bent over & me having to physically straighten them with the other hands, I dont now, also my fingers have lost their swollen look!

Since taking the mtx though, I have noticed my wrists feel slightly stiff & I cannot push myself up, if I am sitting on the floor, I can make a fist & push myself up like that but not with bent wrists.

I have an app with consultant in May, do you think I should wait till then to see if they get any better or worse?

Thanks for reading, Karen x
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Date: 11.01.2011
From: x kerry x

Subject: Re: Wrists feeling strange

hi karen, my arthritis started in my index fingers and then my thumbs, then moved to my wrists. Im just the same, i cant hold my body weight on my wrists whilst they are bent but i could when i had them in a fist. Now i cant even do that as i cant clench my hand into a fist anymore. I would suggest speaking to your occupational therapist if you have one, or if not ask to be reffered to one. Mine made some soft splints/supports to wear when my wrists are feeling especially weak. They help alot on bad days. They arent a long term fix but just give me that extra bit support to make things a bit easier. Ive found they help when im doing things like carrying plates, or lifting heavy pans etc. She also gave me some night time splints to wear as i realised i was curling my wrists up while i was sleeping, making them worse in the morning. Hope this helps x
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