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Date: 10.01.2011
From: ian

Subject: wrist fusion

Hi has anyone had a wrist fusion, im male 45 and supposed to be getting it on the 11th feb? My consultant says a wrist replacement is not an option
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Date: 11.01.2011
From: Lucy

Subject: Re: wrist fusion

Not have one but just had my ankle fused, same problem - replacements not effective for younger people as they wear out. Website below had accurate information about my fusion and reading it sounds very similar. At least you will have one hand and be able to get about a bit while in plaster. Good luck x
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Date: 13.01.2011
From: Littlegreenlady

Subject: Re: wrist fusion

Hi Ian I have had a wrist fusion and its been brilliant. I had no movement in my wrist and it was very painful now the pain has gone and ok I have no movement but then I didnt have before so have noticed no difference. It has made a big change to my life.Would recommend it. Only thing I wasnt prepared for was to be in plaster for 6 weeks but hey it was worth it! Good Luck!!
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