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Date: 03.01.2011
From: davina

Subject: antibiotics and meds

hi i am on antibiotics for a chest infection and got a bad cold, my asthma as flared up to.

i heard somewhere i should either be careful or not take my meds while on amoxicillin antibiotics, any ideas?

i'm currently on plaquenil 400mg daily and methotrexate 25mg weekly`

many thanks in advance
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Date: 03.01.2011
From: sandra

Subject: Re: antibiotics and meds

hi Davina i too have chest infection and on steriods and antibiotic for it, i take enbrel for RA, you would have been told to come off meds but they only take you off if you keep getting infections so take it easy and rest, mind yourself,we need T L C ( not the yogurt kind)
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