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Date: 03.01.2011
From: sam

Subject: severe anxiety and athritis

ive suffered from severe anxiety for years now as ive had sum major things happen in my life. this anxiety is so bad sometimes i feel like a poorly treated animal cowering in a corner. ive burried these feelings from everyone in my life and completely isolated myself from friends and family i am sure that this has directly manifested as a physical chronic spondyloarthropathy which i suffer from has anybody else found anxiety effecting them in such away?
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Date: 03.01.2011
From: Emma

Subject: Re: severe anxiety and athritis

I too suffer from anxiety and it has got worse in the last couple of years, also around the time my health worsened. I have possible arthritis in my hand, waiting to see consultant. I'm not in horrendous pain, but very uncomfortable. Guess our bodies react differently to pain, and anxiety is a response to this. Are you on Meds for anxiety? Beta blockers can be a great help, and won't make you feel drowsy like Valium does. All the best.
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