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Date: 01.01.2011
From: ant

Subject: DLA- thank you jill and co!!

hi my name is ant im 36 and have r.a! ive posted here a couple of times and find it a great help talking to people who understand our problems!
After taking on board jills info about dla and eveybody elses helpfull hints i decided wot the heck and applied back in oct!
recieved my comformation in thr post yest morning with back pay-WOW!!! wot a great start to the new year!
i also got great help from a form somebody had filled out on the site money saving expert which goes into great detail
THANK YOU everybody for your help and support!
Happy New Year!!
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Date: 03.01.2011
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: DLA- thank you jill and co!!

Happy New Year Ant, so glad you got your DLA, Hope you are well. !!
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Date: 04.01.2011
From: ant

Subject: Re: DLA- thank you jill and co!!

thank you lynn, only beed awarded till october then reviewed but at least its something eh!
best wishes to you!!!
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