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Date: 30.12.2010
From: kazzie

Subject: new medication

hi i have got that bad now am goin be put for a drug called embrel i think just wondering if anyone else on this thanks
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Date: 31.12.2010
From: Caroline

Subject: Re: new medication

Hello Kazzie!
I've been injecting Enbrel each week for some years now. The actual injections are easy to do (you will probably be taught how to administer them by your RA nurse or consultant) and I found I am somewhat improved by this drug. Of course any existing damage won't be suddenly repaired but any flare ups should be less frequent.Of course the results can be variable -some people can get a complete remission and others may find it doesn't work for them.
Enbrel has to be kept refrigerated as soon as it is delivered to your home so that can cause some logistical problems if, for example, you are planning on travelling anywhere.
Good luck with your treatment!
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Date: 31.12.2010
From: sandra

Subject: Re: new medication

hi kazzie, i have been on enbrel for 4yrs now and havent had any problems. so hope all goes well.
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