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Date: 27.11.2010
From: Lynne

Subject: RA and loss of libido

Hi , I have RA diagnosed in 2007 and take metaject, sulphasaline and plaquenil and have lost my sex drive completely.It is causing problems in my relationship now and I don't know what to do. Has anyone else had this and if so what did you do to get over it?Any help would be great
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Date: 27.11.2010
From: kazzie

Subject: Re: RA and loss of libido

hello yes am same its gone completly its really hard but my patner is really understandin as am quite bad at moment so he has to dress me ect so we laugh about it but i know he would like to be intamite more wish there was a magic pill to get it back as when i go to bed all i want to do is sleep
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