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Date: 26.11.2010
From: charlie

Subject: Lupus


Not been on since the wedding, which was perfect, as been busy. But this last week I felt awful.

Started to get a bit stiff (beginnings of a flare up of RA) and then last wednesday night got rushed to hospital on blues as they thought i was having a heart attack - it was a tia (mini stroke) so now at home resting.

They say no link bewteen my heart arythmia and RA. But its strange how its always my heart beats fast a few days before a big flare up of RA...

I wondered if anyone had heard of or has Lupus - this seems to be more like me than just the RA (which is bad enough i know) ? Am off to see cardiologist again in dec so will ask him more.

Would be grateful if any of you can help. thanks
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