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Date: 24.11.2010
From: sharron

Subject: sleeping,

hi havent been on for a while. been on the combination drugs for 3mnths things seemed to be getting better , when they increased my methotrexate for 3 days i was the old me brilliant didnt last of course now after 3 increased doses im back to how i was before i started them, well any way getting to the point even though im tierd all day i dont seem to be able to sleep on a night want to know if any one else is having the same problem and if so if they are taking anything for it
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Date: 25.11.2010
From: kylee

Subject: Re: sleeping,

hi i am always very tired when it comes to bed time how ever it can take me over an hour to actually fall asleep as i cant get comfortable espeacialy now its cold as i cant stand the weight of the quilt on my feet it mkes them ach my rhummy offered to give sleeping tablets how ever i refused them only because i have a 2yr old daughter i seem to think if i have sleeping tablets i wont hear her wake upbut maybe its an option for you
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